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The Annual Venetian Village Neighborhood Yard Sale

Located in Colorado Springs, this event attracts thousands of shoppers every year. Television and other media outlets always make it news. (Kass is the marketing manager and organizer for this event.)

Somebody Put Out That FIRE!

For the funny true story... (and its sequel!)

The Famous Holiday Lighting Display!

Kass goes a little nuts with holiday decorations. Here is the (now infamous) Flamingo Christmas 1999 display...

Have you ever seen The Three Wise Flamingos?

Flamingo Nativity, Flamingo Santa & Reindeer, Flamingo Elves... (they're all here)

With links to the 1996 display — a city-wide contest finalist in 1995 & 1996! Located in Colorado Springs. Enjoy!

The kids in the neighborhood call my home "The Holiday House"! Always decorated for something!



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