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Original Articles

Cell Phone Buying Tips
Written for kassj.com March 1999.

What's Hot and New in Removables
Published in Digital Creativity Magazine August/September 1996
Zip, EZ, Jaz and SyJet... And don't forget that indispensible CD-R!

The Five Whys of Trade Shows
Published in Digital Creativity Magazine October/November 1996
Why are these things always happening? What did we see come from Seybold SF 96?

PlugIns and Extensions (11k html)
Published in Digital Creativity Magazine June/July 1996
Looking for the latest in plug-ins and extensions for your graphic software packages?

SCSI Manager 4.3 (17k html)
Published in %%timeut November/December 1995
Ever wanted to know why the icons may appear different on your Mac's Desktop? Why do you have a hard time mounting client's removables? Here is why!

Contracting Work With Freelancers (17k html)
Published in %%timeout September/October 1995
Who owns the files? Which fonts should be used? What version of software should be used? This article addresses these and other concerns.

Web Design & Development Resources (22k html)
Originally published for CompuServe's DTP Forum August 1995
A growing/changing list of magazine, book, newsgroup and web site resources for web designers.

Software Installation Management (12k html)
Published in %%timeout August 1994
How can you manage the systems on a large graphic network (over 50 stations)? Upgrading all the stations in a new revision of XPress or Photoshop is a nightmare of its own. This article discusses how Kass manages this daunting task quickly and easily.

SyQuest and Removables Topics

Which SyQuest Should I Buy? FAQ
Originally published in several places, including:%%timeout Spring 1995, CompuServe's DTP Forum and the comp.publish.prepress newsgroup. This large FAQ is now edited, updated and broken down into 4 sections:

5.25" SyQuest Drive Error Tables

Iomega's Zip versus SyQuest's EZ135 Comparison Article (28k html)

Humor Columns & Stories

The Five Whys of Trade Shows Overheard and observed at Seybold San Francisco SF! Published in Digital Creativity October/November 1996

Go Away! Enough Already! The Internet and Web is too busy these days! Published in WWWiz July 1996

Command-Option-M: The Bill Gates Legacy An oldie, but a goodie! Often requested. Originally published April 1, 1990 in several User Group publications.

Whoops, There Goes The Political Career! (17k html) Be careful out there! DejaNews is watching! Published in WWWiz May 1996

It's Everywhere! (17k html) Those darned URLs! They are EVERYWHERE! Published in WWWiz March 1996

SeyboldSF and Dinner on The Web! (17k html) Some experiences at the annual publishing conference blowout! Published in WWWiz January 1996

Lost in CyberSpace! (17k html) Help! I've linked and I can't get back! Published in WWWiz November 1995

A Prescription for Technology (10k html) Showing my doctor the web! Published in WWWiz July 1995

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