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Publishing Trade Organization List

Kass is a member or officer in several publishing trade organizations (and Macintosh User Groups).

Recommended Books List

"Must have" troubleshooting, Mac and DTP books for your computer and publishing library.

Desktop Publishing Magazines List

Almost 65 publishing, design, publishing systems, multimedia and printing magazines.

HTML How To: Kass' HTML101 for Macintosh

A self-guided shareware tutorial (written for Macintosh users) on basic HTML tags. A mini-web site (usable from your hard drive) with examples of most basic tags. Download now via anonymous ftp: ftp://ftp.csn.net/vader/HTML101K.sea.hqx (file size: 68k).

Downloadable Software We Think You Will Like

Here are links to the DTP (and online) shareware software we are always recommending.

Recommended Publishing Training Resources

Looking to train yourself or your employees in publishing? Here's a list of things to watch out for and consider when looking for qualified trainers.

Web Design & Development Resources

This is our recommended web design resources page (books, newsgroups, web sites and magazine articles).

Web Sites and Newsgroups We Use

Any right thinking individual would want to know about these! Absolutely!

The Articles Department

Original Articles that Kass has published with various trade publications and online resources. Take a look at these original works — publishing technology, management, education and humor.



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