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Email 101

ALWAYS Suppress Email Lists

Do not allow your email lists out for everyone to see. It's just plain rude to distribute your email lists. I sure don't want MY address distributed to everyone on YOUR list!

Using AOL's Forward Command in Email

Tired of getting miles of header, addresses and garbage in forwarded email you recieve from AOL-usering friends and relatives? This explains why it happens and is something you can point those users to, so they can stop doing that!

CyberMyths Debunked: Stop the Chainmail!

No, Bill Gates is not giving you money. Nor is Craig Shergold dying of cancer. And we don't want that Neimann-Marcus Cookie Recipe. Before you forward a chainmail, read more about why it's bogus here.

Stop The Junk Email!

Tired of well-meaning friends and relatives sending you junk? Here's a nice form letter for you tell them to stop it!

Electronic Mail Netiquette for Beginners

Need to help a friend or relative get started with email? Point them here. Basic Rules of Thumb (i.e. no ALL CAPS).

Emoticons (Smilies) & Email Shorthand (Abbreviations)

What does ROFL mean and BTW? How about all those odd symbols at the end of an email? ;-)

Programmer's Paradise Internet Glossary

Programmer's Paradise and the author, Kathy Letizia, have graciously allowed me to host their basic Internet Glossary. It's funny and easy to understand (as well as educational) for you or someone you know.

Basic Netiquette "Rules" (summary)

Read all the details about these rules.

1. ALL CAPS means shouting -- Don't do it!
2. Use underscores or asterisks for emphasizing words
3. Watch your tone -- it's written, not verbal communication
4. Check your spelling
5. Quote back only what is relevant
6. Use an automatic signature, especially if you are a business (free advertising)
7. Where are you located if requesting goods or services?
8. Don't EVER send unsolicited file attachments
9. Use a descriptive Subject line
10. Only forward jokes and chainletters if you are SURE the recipient wants them (and hasn't already gotten a copy or three from someone else)
11. Don't send "Check This Out" Unsolicited URLs
12. Don't expose your email routing list to spammers
13. If you are on AOL, do not use the "Forward" command
14. Don't believe every cybermyth, urban legend, hoax or virus "alert" sent to you
(verify it before believing or forwarding it to anyone else by visiting http://urbanlegends.about.com/culture/beliefs/urbanlegends/mbody.htm)

I hope this site containing abbreviations, rules and emoticons helps you get over the fear of being a new email user. Email is great. You can "talk" with friends and relatives often and do not have to wait to store up information to write at one sitting.

Also, since you are on a computer, email is the best, most effective way to communicate with the tech support people who make your computer and software. Look up their email address in your manuals. Contact them for support. You will likely get a better and faster answer by email (not to mention--free!).

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