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ALWAYS Suppress Your Email Lists!

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by Kass Johns (originally written 7/05 for http://www.kassj.com)

Do everyone a favor and never, ever send an email to a list of names without suppressing the list of email addresses.

This means that the recipient of your email sees ONLY their own address and yours (as the sender). To send your list of everyone's email addresses to each individual by NOT suppressing them is EXTREMELY rude.

Would you want every one of your friend's friends getting YOUR private cell phone number?

This is what you do when you do not suppress. You blast those addresses out for anyone and everyone to see, take, and distribute. This is also how addresses are begun on their journey into the public domain to be seen by spambots to add them to spam lists.

To suppress your email lists...

Always use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) email header in your emailer. Paste the list into that "BCC" header, not the "CC" or the "To" headers.

If your email doesn't allow you to have no address in your "To" header, then paste your own address there.

If you are in a business situation and you need to let the recipients know who you are sending copies to, then format your email like an old fashioned memo and type a CC list by NAME ONLY (no addresses) into the body of the email.

Always suppress mail lists--especially in business dealings. It is highly unprofessional to allow unsuppressed email lists to slip out into the public domain!

Thank you!!!


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