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Technical Writing Samples

Various Technical Writing samples are available to view via the links below. Many of these examples were done for and are copyright U S WEST. Only excerpts from non-edited writings are available here to view as examples. U S WEST examples were written for the high-speed/broadband data products enterprise division ("!NTERPRISE") of U S WEST between 8/97 and 7/00.

High-Speed Data Products Glossary

From a non-tech glossary I wrote for the U S WEST !NTERPRISE division webmaster for use on their web site.


From an outline I created for a new web site based on telecommuting information via high-speed data products.

SOHO Network Primer

From a network primer created to answer questions about networking your DSL "modem" or ISDN modem to other computers in your home or small business.

Kiosk manual

An installer manual for USW (non-Mac) technicians to install the MegaBit kiosks.

Frame Relay Tutorial

Frame Relay online tutorial.

Press Releases

While not particularly technical in nature, this page contains two of many press releases written by this author.

Event Brochure

Copywriting project for a trade event client in Denver.



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