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The PUBLISHING Web Section


Lists: Associations, Magazines, Web Design Resources, Books, Etc.


Email 101 Netiquette

Point newcomers to email here for proper Netiquette tips.
Don't use FORWARD in AOL email.
CyberMyths and Hoaxes Debunked.
Smilies and Abbreviations.
A great beginner Internet glossary too!



Original Articles: Business, Management... and Humor too!
SyQuest, Removables, and SCSI: FAQs and Articles
Tips for buying a cell phone!


What We Do... How Can We Help?

Kass's Bio and Consulting Services.
Presentations for your next meeting.


Tech Writing Samples

Do you need technical writing, copywriting or a press release? See samples here.



The (always popular) Christmas Lights page. (aka The Flamingo Christmas Page!!!)
The huge annual Neighborhood Yard Sale event -- the first yard sale with its own web site (online for 6 years now!). The July 2000 sale had 75 houses selling with over 5,000 shoppers!
And those darned "FIRE!" stories!



Colophon: These web pages were originally written in HTML by Kass Johns, using a variety of products, including: a Macintosh, SimpleText, Netscape, popsicles, microwaved burritos, Tostitos Black Bean Dip and several gallons of iced tea .



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